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I’m really a millionaire still in the projects 🏢

Kimse böyle bir şey yaşayacağımdan bahsetmemişti.. Ne annem, ne ablalarım ne de arkadaşlarım..
Sıcak basar, bazen soğuk, sinirli haller... Ben de korkuyordum herkes gibi! Halbuki durum bende öyle olmadı. Tam tersi bir sakinlik, bir huzur.. Her şeyi olduğu gibi kabul ediş.. Elimden kahve fincanı düşmüyor; bir keyif, bir huzur ki sormayın.. Yaşadığım bu dönemi sonbahara benzettim. Yapraklar kurumaya başlarken nasıl da rengarenk ve huzurlu.. Bu hali ile nasıl da kendine hayran bırakıyor. Havaların soğumaya başlamasıyla battaniyelere sarılıp kahve içme isteği.. Ve tüm kadınlar bir gün bu duyguyu tadacak; menapoz 😊 Hoşgeldin..😍
Öyleyse bu sonbahar uzun olsun.. 🍁☕️
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كل الاشياء السعـِيدة بدايتها قهوةّ 🖤.

I am really not into halloween but i wanted to create something for you guys that is easy and can be done for last minute! This look was inspired by @victoriawhitlow
@hudabeauty foundation in brown sugar.
@maybelline eraser in Buff
RCMA powder
@lauramercier baked highlighter

@lensdotme lenses in Jade ( Use code KAUR10 for 10% off)
@nyxcosmetics_uk jumbo eye pencil in blacl
@hudabeautyshop smokey eye obsessions
@mynykaa black eyeliner

@fentybeauty lip pain in ‘uninvited’
#kaurvanity #universalhairandmakeup #hairmakeupdiary #1minutemakeup #hudabeauty #glamvids #wakeupandmakeup #makeupgirlz #allmodernmakeup #makeupvideoss #makegirlz

@asahdkhaled ! HAPPY BDAY !!!!!!!
Let’s go Asahd ! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!! MY SON ! ASAHD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks so much @bmi!! this is probably one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written just because this song is what falling in love sounds like to me, I remember being so happy that day in the studio on the drive home 🥺 Thank u to all these talented amazing friends who did this with me ! @sashasloan @frankdukes @nooniebao


“The island of Visovac Monastery 🇭🇷 is situated in the area of the lower flow of the river Krka, a place you have to see with your own eyes to believe it even exists.” 📸 + caption by André Alexander (@formgestalter)
#adventure #travel #nature #photography #love #photooftheday #explore #wanderlust #naturephotography #instagood #adventure #island #croatia #instatravel #hellofrom

One year ago #OnThisDay, another 3-UCL-pointer by @paulodybala! 💎

#JuveUCL #FinoAllaFine

Anlat Sen Seversin Yalanı 📚
📓 Tüm D&R mağazalarında!
📝 Ve kitap satan her yerde!
🌎 dr.com.tr ve kitapyurdu.com'da!
📌 Kapıda ödeme imkanı kitapyurdu'nda!

Old hag from Snow White 🍎 @artbybmazz

Boundaries are difficult waters to navigate, especially if they were never modeled or respected in your childhood. Most people come from some form of enmeshment; where parents spoke about things with children that were inappropriate, or as the child grew, parents stomped or laughed at even the smallest boundaries because their needs were always met first.
Either way, it’s never too late to begin. When I stumbled across @thedailydrcloud Boundaries book about 6 years ago, I thought I had unlocked the secret to relationships and living free. I never knew I was allowed to ask for what I needed, or to say “no” and express a limit. I never understood that I wasn’t responsible for everyone else’s happiness. And I certainly didn’t believe that this work is loving + unselfish. Ive learned so much since then.
I have a blog post and video on my site from when I was featured on Dr. Clouds IG a few months back sharing a LIVE workshop on this topic. I also believe simple graphs like this can help shift your mindset and get you headed in the direction free of resentments + heaviness. Tell me, which is the most challenging for you from the list? What questions come up for you? 👇🏼👇🏼
#boundaries #codependency #friendship #relationships #family #love #resentment #responsibility.

Pick your poisonn. +++ @stellamaxwell

@omeletocomedy: Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci dance in the kitchen in Mermaids. 1990.
The role of Charlotte initially went to Emily Lloyd. When Cher complained that the fair-haired Lloyd could not look like her daughter, she was replaced by Ryder. Lloyd sued and reached a settlement on the second day of trial, receiving $435,000 and 2.5 percent of the film's net profits.
This was Ricci's film debut.
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Just the usual sunrise in Cappadocia.

The things that are best for you are the hardest. Changing the way you think, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and making lifestyle choices in line with your intentions--takes work. ⁣⁠
What's holding you back? ⁣⁠
#nedranuggets #cyclebreakers #nedratawwab

Así me levanto hoy mi comadre @tatabecerraq 😍..!!! Que tal el: “LLEGA PA’ MI” de @marianamanjarresb ??? 🤤

Happy birthday to this guy. He’s really a sweet guy thank goodness, otherwise what else would he have going for him? Lord knows the poor thing isn’t handsome or tall or hilarious or talented or a sharp dresser or like producing his own giant box movies or being an awesome family man or doing all sorts of amazing charity work and helping to save humans and trees etc or anything... so yea...like I said, good thing he’s a NICE guy at least. Phew. @vancityreynolds (PS here’s some of my fave looks we’ve done over the years:)

#autumnisokay. 🍂

hamburg has been rather grey recently and i‘m looking forward to some last golden moments the upcoming week. ✨
excited to be able to share two more trips next month. what are you up to this fall?

Olhem só quem encontrei hoje na minha caminhada😄😄Boa sorte Juventus ⚽️⚽️⚽️

The exhibition, "The Unbearable Impermanence of Things" at the Vicki Myhren Gallery, University of Denver hosts Richard Barnes in conversation with curator/writer, Rupert Jenkins tonight at 6 pm. The exhibition curated by Libby Barbee includes work by Mark Dion, John McEnroe, Eileen Roscina Richardson, Ashley Williams, Mia Mulvey, Lex Thompson and others. Exhibition continues through December, 1st, 2019. #vlckimyhrengallery #VMG #theunbearableimpermmanenceofthings #artexhibition #murmur ##animallogic #universityofdenver #singleungulatewithmanamongbluecrosses

Me: I’m on my way
Also me:

It’s Oktoberfest season across the globe. Several years back, dressed appropriately in Bavarian garb, a couple celebrates by making out and loading up on beer during a festival in Bremen, Germany. Cheers—or Prost, as they say in Germany!
@thephotosociety #Oktoberfest #Germany #bremen

Nothing but respect in the #GKunion 🤜 🤛
Prefer Onana or Kepa? 🤔

A new #SelenaGomez era is here 🖤 Watch the full #LoseYouToLoveMe video at the link in bio.

What’s your favorite?

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Hayirli aksamlar arkadaslar 🙏
@minik.cocuk.butik sayfasinda kampanya var. 🏃🏻‍♀🏃🏻‍♀🏃🏻‍♀
İstedigin ürünü seç siparis ver ( KARGO BEDAVA )
@minik.cocuk.butik 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ KAPIDA NAKIT ÖDEME VE KREDI KARTIYLA ÖDEME MEVCUTTUR.. @minik.cocuk.butik

Hur snabbt snurrar man om man stoppar en 276 km/h lövblås på en kontorsstol?! 😱 Det har vi tagit reda på i vår senaste video! 😂

Nothing but respect in the #GKunion 🤜 🤛
Prefer Onana or Kepa? 🤔

Room with a view. Sorry, I had to...

🎉 They say "Giving is caring"! That is why we have decided to do a 4th GIVEAWAY with the best selling product in our store. We receive tens of emails, daily, from new moms & soon-to-be moms who want this Elephant Pillow for their babies. There are also those of you who want to give it as a gift to their loved ones. So, if you are interested in this cute Pillow, we are offering you more chances to get one! There will be 10 winners this time.
Winning rules are very simple:

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The results will be announced on their story ( @bohemian_decors ) on the 20th of November ⁠
Good Luck :)⁠ Credits @annelinsta

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Manisa’mızın tarımsal üretimteki son durumunu, yatırımları ve çalışma hedeflerimizi ele aldığımız istişare toplantımızda AK Parti Milletvekillerimiz, İl ve İlçe Başkanlarımız, Büyükşehir Belediye Başkanımız, İlçe Belediye Başkanlarımız ve Bürokratlarımızla bir araya geldik.

Bingöl'de yaptığımız alan incelemelerinin ardından, vatandaşlarımızla selamlaştık, esnafımıza hayırlı iş, bol kazanç diledik.

Having a blast here in Brazil 🇧🇷 and when I say I’ve not stopped I really have not!
Last two days myself and @ronniecoleman8 have been at the amazing @feirabtff @mrolympiabrazil expo, yesterday we both arrived to head straight up on stage, give a seminar to the packed our expo, to then head to another packed out seminar with Dr @paulomuzy to split off and see meet each other several hours later after working out booths at the @feirabtff expo. (Photos to come)
I have so many tagged images from you guys and so many amazing videos I don’t know where to started. But Going through my photos of what to post I think it was only fitting to post this first. Last two days I’ve work with the #GOAT @ronniecoleman8 now myself and Ronnie have done numours appearances together over the years all over the world even a crazy Australian/ New Zealand tour where we were doing 3 packed out appearances a day, jumping on small 8 seater planes and having our bags balance out Ronnie as he was so massive on the plane to take off. Lol
But yesterday the Greatest of all time give me a talk that I will never forget and will be using as fuel for 2020. It was personal and it was only us who heard it, but it was a kick in the ass for me to know Ronnie said it, and verified it many times.
Thank you Ronnie you have no idea I keep myself humble so moments like this sink in more. It’s all fuel to the 🔥
#RonnieColeman #Goat #ThankYou #BtFf #Brazil

Ölümden yine kork ama her gün YAŞA...

Cases & Cases & Faces & Faces 🦅


Problem efter problem! Nu har vi byggt i över fem dagar och äntligen fått till allting, den ser nästan original ut men har en 125cc motor inuti! 😍 Nu när vi skulle provköra och spela in det sista så slutade kicken helt plötsligt fungera, den går bara runt även fast drevet som går in i motorn snurrar. Det var en billigare 125cc kinacross som vi köpte helt ny, visst att kvalitén kan vara dålig men den borde väl tåla att bli startad mer än tre gånger? Springa igång går inte heller då motorn har otroligt stark kompression ☹️ Tips någon? 😂

😮 𝕋𝕒𝕥𝕥𝕠𝕠 𝕚𝕟 𝕒 𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪 𝕦𝕟𝕦𝕤𝕦𝕒𝕝 𝕤𝕥𝕪𝕝𝕖 😋
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