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Yurok tribal member Elizabeth Azzuz of the Cultural Fire Management Council opens an indigenous cultural burn training by lighting a ceremonial fire with a wormwood bundle.⁠
Welcome to #IndigenousFire. Catastrophic wildfires like the one that burned the California city of Paradise have drawn attention to America’s 100-year policy of suppressing fire. Fire is a terrible, uncontrollable enemy. Right?⁠

Not necessarily. The Native communities across California have been practicing traditional, controlled forest burning techniques for 13,000 years. Many of the California landscapes that look like pristine wilderness to the non-Indigenous have long been human-modified ecosystems. Dr. Frank Lake, a Yurok descendant, says, “Fire is the central tool in the cultural toolkit. Humans can use fire, so stewardship of the land becomes our responsibility.” #wildfire #california #goodfire #indigenous

Check out the entire photo essay on @WIRED online, through the link in my bio.
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