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1 month ago

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My 25th consecutive 1st Day of School‼️ BIGGEST darn deal ALL week = backpack: Harley Davidson? or camo? Trig needed to see ‘em at EVERY angle, every day to decide🤔 What’s YOUR choice? Swipe to see his. Swipe again to see how that 1st day went 😬🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️
  • @semper_fi_white_butterfly86

    #22... I get it..😘 · 23 hours ago

  • @sinceresally_swim_beach_

    Hey Sarah, Your sense of fashion is really, really amazing! Let’s collab! DM me @sinceresallyboutique ❤️ · 1 day ago

  • @janice_s_shay

    Don’t divorce! 🙏🏽for you and your husband. Divorce hurts the family. Abuse or adultery are the very few reasons the Lord allows. Please reconsider! · 2 days ago

  • @mccuskerjohnny

    Praying Todd and Sarah cancel the divorce . · 5 days ago

  • @treturner5

    Ur so sexy @sarahpalin97 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 · 1 week ago

  • @kurtisfreedd

    Praying Sarah and Todd stay together . Work things out . Don't divorce. Trig deserves his mom and dad together. @sarahpalin97 · 1 week ago

  • @topcopbama

    I will take a kiss Sarah! · 1 week ago

  • @stylescrystal711

    Nah · 1 week ago

  • @stylescrystal711

    Greatness🥃🎱🎶🏀🎸🥔🎀🎶🎶🎶 · 1 week ago

  • @amy_in_lasvegas

    I hope he has a fabulous school year. Sarah, you look great. · 1 week ago

  • @erin_kawell

    You’re looking way too skinny ma. Worried about your health. · 1 week ago

  • @joshditty77

    Run, Sarah, Run!!! · 1 week ago

  • @brandings_sinceresally

    Hey Sarah, You are absolutely gorgeous! Let's collab! DM me @sinceresallyboutique ❤️ · 2 weeks ago

  • @aellygesvi

    how can you want such a person as your president? a person who has dared to say that she loves the smell of fossil fuels, that climate change for her, or what you want to call it, is not such an important thing? are you really idolizing someone so ignorant? wtf · 2 weeks ago

  • @travelwithmrmichael

    I am a huge fan! Very impressed by all that you do :) · 3 weeks ago

  • @krissorrick

    Love Palin . Don't like Donald Trump . · 3 weeks ago